Tuesday, February 18, 2014

30 weeks.

Baby is growing fast...and so am I!
Baby is the size of Butternut squash and weighs about 3 pounds.

1. Listening - at childe care classes.
2. Eating - regularly. healthy-ish.

3. Wearing - Neil's t-shirts and sweatpants. No more heels. My new cowboy boots :)
4. Feeling - excited! productive.
5. Drinking - Green tea.

6. Seeing - my belly move like waves!  
7. Craving - sweets.
8. Needing - to start on nursery sewing projects.
9. Thinking - that there is only 10 weeks to go! about the crib coming soon!

10. Enjoying -my students. my job. belly movements.
These past 4 weeks have been the best of pregnancy! Lots of energy, very little nausea, good appetite. There are only 10 weeks till the due date! It sounds so close yet more than enough time to get done what I have to. So the stress level is very low. We attended a child care class and it was so cute to see Neil soaking it all in :) this weekend is a full day childBIRTH class so that will be interesting. I have a couple of showers coming up so I'm getting excited about that, too. We are making headway on the nursery and I will start posting the DIY projects I'm tackling for baby. 

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