Monday, October 28, 2013

13 weeks.

13 weeks down. Baby is the size of a lemon!

1. Listening - to my instincts.
2. Eating - whatever I can keep down :( in small increments. Recently, ALMONDS!
3. Wearing - mostly regular clothes with some alterations (i.e unbuttoned pants).
4. Feeling - sick for the past 7 weeks. Nausea. Dizzines. Headaches. Fatigue.
5. Drinking - lots of water. watermelon juice.
6. Seeing - a tiny tummy forming.
7. Craving - not much. I got a hankering for Neil's surprise pasta the other night and he happily make me some :)
8. Needing - energy. to be reminded that it will pass.
9. Thinking - that is all worth it. It could be worse. My body was made for this!
10. Enjoying - the emotional support of a very busy husband. nice weather that encourages exercise.
Thoughts from a Daddy-to-be
"Being pregnant is hard."
"Baby-ing ain't easy"


  1. Yes, when this baby arrives, you will look back and realize it was worth everything you went through . What an exciting time!

  2. This too will pass..... there's your reminder :)

  3. I'm so so excited for you guys! Love the updates!