Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our BIG news!

We were so excited to finally be telling our families!
Luckily, my sister's wedding brought everyone together. My in-laws and sister-in-law came down to celebrate and that make for perfect timing.

The day after the wedding, we made reservations at one of our favorite Chinese Restaurants. Dinner was great, conversation was flowing, and my emotions ran crazy as I watched our parents. They get along, they genuinely care about one another, and they were laughing together. Little did they know that they were in for our greatest set up yet!

As Neil and I sat nervously through dinner, I made my way to the "restroom". I asked the hostess to switch out our fortune cookies with some customized ones I bought from ETSY. She asked if they were funny fortunes and I told her, in my very calmest voice, "No, they are telling our family that we are pregnant." She looked at me with an "are-you-serious" face. She almost blew my cover when she squealed with excitement!

The end of dinner came. Fortune cookies were delivered. And chaos ensued!

Some struggled with the packaging.
Some tried to locate their reading glasses.
Some pushed the chair out behind them.
Everyone was so happy!

Ultimately, everyone read their fortune.

My intention was to catch it on video but I got caught up in the moment...

This will be the first grandbaby for both our parents. The first niece/nephew for our sisters. So, it goes without saying that we are all excited!

(the cookies were really good tasting and the customization was free! I got them from this ETSY store.)


  1. that is an amazing story! Great idea! Congrats!!!

  2. Thanks for sending us a delicious fortune cookie.
    What a clever way to make your announcement. You two are so creative.
    We are so happy for all of you. This will make our 9th greatgrandchild.