Sunday, January 1, 2012

use-only-what-you-already-have challenge.

My sister just moved into an old, victorian house in a great location with a hilarious roommate.
What place is better for a 20 something female, than a PINK house??? lol I love it.

Because I was in for the bowl game (sic 'em), she asked for some help decorating. Using only what she already had, I think we did a great job of making it both useful and beautiful!

An empty hallway quickly turned festive.

The headboard was a vinyl decal with the perfect colors.

Her favorite part of the redecoration was the closet. A small walk-in gained a huge personality!
 Again, everything here was reused. The bracelet holder is an old vase. The picture of Frida Kahlo was under her bed at home and we found the gold frame at the new house.
 A few other pieces in the room:

This bench was reupholstered to match her decor.
This cute chest became her new bedside table and happens to match the headboard pretty well. 

I had fun and best of all, the place is starting to feel more like home to her :)

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  1. What a great challenge. I love what you did! My favorite is the closet.