Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The infamous resolutions.

Last year's resolutions went pretty well.
1. Go through P90X - check? I did really well for 60 days then got really sick and stopped. 
2. Play guitar - check? I tried teaching myself and learned some church songs then stopped. 
3. Save money - check? I thought I did well and made it a point to think twice about random purchases. 

Ok, so I am seeing a pattern. I get excited about things, do them, and stop. Also, 2 of those 3 were action oriented. This year, I am trying something new.

1. Use less exaggeration - when I say "that's awesome" I really mean "that's kinda cool". I want to lessen my exaggerations so that when I say "that's amazing!" you know I mean it.
2. Learn Spanish - I'm not sure if this is action oriented but I want to get through Rosetta Stone at work, and utilize the spanish I already know in real conversation (w/ parents, coworkers, clients, etc)

That's all.
My life inventory usually occurs on my birthday, which is almost here, so any life altering goals might happen then.
Hope you find peace in your New Year!

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  1. Love your resolutions for 2012. Many years ago my hubby & I took guitar lessons. Hubby was so much better than me that it was tough to continue "together". We then took separate lessons. I so enjoyed it. The only reason I stopped was I moved and the teacher I had was so cool when I tried new teachers in my new town I just couldn't get comfortable. Keep thinking I may take it back up (but I sold the guitar).