Saturday, December 24, 2011

2012 in review

Its not New Years, yet, but I am ready for a Year in review...

Celebrated my 25th birthday with family
Lewie joined our family.
Spent a week on Gull Lake.
Watched Bjorn and Alyssa get married on the lake.
Neil started his first year of decathalon coaching. 
Sold over 100 scrabble tiles on etsy.
Got my cool new car.
Released the Eat Well Waco program at work. 
Marquie, my cousin, moved in with us.
Spent a week in Colorado Springs.
Went horseback riding.
Went white water rafting for the first time.
Celebrated Neil's 25th birthday.
Had an armadillo problem in our back yard.
Worked on my aunts house that burned down from wildfires.
Got a rainwater harvesting system.
Started two community gardens in town.
Survived a drought in Texas.
Witnessed a great Baylor football season.
RG3 won the heisman.

We had a great year we had and now, with one more in the family, we are ready for more adventures.

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