Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm Floored.

The powder room finally got floored.
It took longer than it was supposed to but with a little kick from dad, we got it going!

It is such a small space but I don't know if that made it easier or more difficult.
Anyway, I am so glad with the way it turned out ... although I don't plan on doing it again anytime soon!

Some things I learned;
1. Pre-mixed grout is the way to go!
2. Cutting 1 inch tiles with a wet saw is better left to the professionals (dad).
3. When in doubt, follow the directions.
4. It will look better when it's grouted.
5. Having the right tools always helps.

I am so glad to have it done and I can't believe how good it looks!
I still have a little more to do in there but it will do for now!


  1. Absolutely beautiful...can 'see' your sweat n hard work...but that what make you proud and make us envy!

  2. What a perfect job you did with your tile. Those diamonds are lined up perfectly !!! It all looks great.

  3. Love the way the floor turned out! It is beautiful!!