Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Randomness in 2011.

My camera card was full. Christmas is coming up. 
I finally decided to clear the card to make room for new memories. 
When doing this, I ran into a few pictures that I realized I never mentioned so here are a few.

On my trip for the Beach to Bay Marathon, we stopped at the Aquarium in Corpus Christi. 
 We visited the Mayborn Museum near campus on the last day of the mummy exhibit. Thus, the RG3 pharaoh.

I made a quick change in the upstairs bathroom and finally switched out the old toiled seat that had random nailpolish and other stains when we moved in.

We found another friend in our yard. He was a big one!
I found this old gumball machine with a really heavy, intricate, metal stand.

From Dec 2010 to Dec 2011, I had 273 pictures and that does not include all the pictures I had to delete everytime I tried to take pictures in the last month. I gotta remember to clear it more regularly.

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