Monday, December 5, 2011

Light up the Night.

 The day after Thanksgiving seems to kick off the Christmas season and we did it up this year.
We headed down to the Riverwalk to eat and see the lights up. There is also a river parade that goes on but we just admired the view from afar. The new LED lights were the talk of the town. It is magical on the riverwalk during Christmas. I highly recommend it. If you are there you may want to stop by the huge tree in front of the Alamo.

We couldn't get enough lights so we headed to San Marcos to see Santa's ranch. It is 12 acres of lights. We piled into the back of dad's new truck and took it all in.

This is the tunnel I want to do alllll the way down our 100 yard drive way - Neil vetoed that idea.
Of course Christmas in San Antonio is not the same without the Mariachis!
 There were themes along the way. The first of which was "In the Beginning" and it took you through bible scenes. I had never seen lights done quite this way. Cool way to keep the reason for the season on our minds.

 It was a perfect 70 degree night. The tour took about 30 minutes and another highly recommended stop!