Wednesday, December 7, 2011

All that glitters is GOLD.

On our list of things to do on Thanksgiving break with mom (besides Black Friday-yes we did it) was finding stockings for her mantle. We had the same stockings since like 4th grade but they were mismatching and we have added a Neil to the family so she wanted a complete set and boy did we do good.

First of all, ALL CHRISTMAS STUFF at Hobby Lobby is 50% so we headed straight there and found some adorable stockings. Because they all look alike, we wanted to personalize them somehow.

We saw these cardboard letters for $1.00, and grabbed glitter paint for $1.17 and gold glitter scrapbook paper for $1.99

We started by painting the edges and saw how great the paint worked so we nixed the scrapbook paper and painted the whole letter.  

 Be simply tied the letter to the stocking loop and hung them up for show.
I love the way the letters came out. For just a dollar each, they would make great ornaments, gift tags or anything!

They look great on her mantle and she does such a great decorating job, that I know the whole house will look amazing!

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