Wednesday, August 10, 2016

home tour - entry

every box is unpacked.
my goal was to unpack before school started. now comes the fun part -decorating!
I thought I would start a little tour of the house for all my family and friends who are interested.
I'll share the three entry way today.
Also, these will make for good before  pictures.

this is the view as you walk through the door.

The  double  doors  lead to the kitchen.

 fireplace is technically in the next room but its one of the first things you see.


 I put out a few of my favorite things.
Our entryway is beautiful in itself but I added this sign.
(the view from the double doors)
 here is a close up.
this is  one of my favorite pieces now. I ran across  a frame on clearance for $5.00 and used paint sharpie for the letters.
i'll share more soon.


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