Saturday, August 13, 2016

house tour - Big Girl Room.

When we found und out we were moving into this house we started enthusiastically referring to her room has her "Big Girl Room". This was part of our plan to transition and potty train. She picked up on the enthusiasm and the transition went pretty smoothly.
 (potty training is a story for another day)
We did not buy anything new. We basically rearranged her nursery to fit the space. This is the room I set up first. I thought it would be helpful for her to have this small piece of consistency while everything else was up in the air. This is also my favorite room so far.
Welcome to Reyna's room.

Her dream catcher was made by me. The newest addition is this metal "I'm Gorgeous Inside" sign. I found it in a junk store. I don't know what it could have possibly belonged to but its part of our daily message that what matters most is "your head and your heart".
This is the view from her door.  
The curtains are new. They are long pieces of fabric tied to the rod. I've always wanted to do this in a room and a kids room is just the space to try something unconventional. Plus, it was free. This was all fabric I had lying around - I know, I have a problem...
I'm working on it!
We transitioned her to a big girl bed.
The crib we had converts multiple ways. It actually only had a 4 inch brace to keep her from falling out but that was not gonna work. I used a closet shelf between the slats and it works perfect!
The hoop art over her crib is a new addition but again, free. And incomplete. The large center one will be a globe when it is complete. I make the bedskirt with existing fabric as well.
I also had the little star lights hanging over her crib already. She loves to read herself to sleep to they work great as a night light.


To the right of her dresser is another nook.

I put out some pieces from her old room and included the fortune cookie painting I did.
This is special because, if you are not familiar with the story, we announced our pregnancy to our family with a fortune cookie.
Her room has two closets. One we use for clothes, the other for books. I'm not kidding when I say she has a closet - floor to ceiling - of books. The girl loves her books.
My favorite part of the room is her letter r.
We have had this for more than 5 years as part of a set that spelled "bears". Again, always something I wanted to try in the house.

When you make it to visit, she will be so happy to show you her Big Girl Room. and every toy. and every book.

So come by anytime!

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