Sunday, July 24, 2016

New House.

We moved.
It was a long process and so much blood sweat and tears went into this move.
We have the BEST parents. We literally couldn't have done it without them. in the physical sense. in the mental sense. Literally and figurately. Both sets traveled to Waco and spent their vacation days, hauling boxes up and down multiple sets of stairs. Babysitting, cleaning, all in 100 degree heat!

It was both emotional and gratifying to leave our "little blue house", as Reyna says.

 We fit our entire house in a single uhaul.

Let me tell you. We left that house better than we left it and that feels pretty good.
We made our trip across town to our new home.

Move in day was a mess. Literally.
We got there with our move in crew only to discover that there were tons of their boxes yet to be moved. Nothing had been cleaned.. I don't mean 10 moxes, I'm talking a moving van worth of stuff!
You know what we did? we ignored it. We brought our stuff in as they took their stuff out.
It was a LOOOOONG day but we managed to get everything into the house in one day.
We had to think of a way to keep Reyna occupied so we put on a movie, a fan, and pillows down and she took a nap! What a trooper!

Our parents worked their tails off!
Now, we get to spend our days, getting the home together. Lots of work has already happened and I'm sure that you'll get a glimpse of the process!
For now, just know that we are loving our B&B and making it ours.


  1. It looks like you moved into a spacious house. The front porch looks like a great place to relax in the evening. I am sorry there were still boxes when you arrived to your new home, but I am glad you were able to move in your own items. Your baby girl is definitely a trooper, and I hope she is enjoying her new home.

  2. You moved into a huge house! Must be nice having all that space to move around in. That vintage stove is super cute. It gives the kitchen personality. You have the mix of modern and old. Speaking from experience, moving is such a big process. It can be really overwhelming especially with kids and lots of stuff. Good luck to you!