Friday, May 27, 2016

Lightning Speed.

The end of the school year always moves at lightning speed. There's tests and grading, and teacher gifts and awards ceremonies and deadlines.
This year, we accidentally started the moving process.

Every house hunt has a story.
Ours goes like this:
1) Saw a house we liked on 4 acres.
2) put our house on the market.
3) Had LOTS of interest - showed it 25+ times in two days
4) 4 acre house rejected our offer
5) took our house off the market
6) got offered more on our house
7) offered more on 4 acre house
8) got rejected again.
9) Really stopped looking.
10) Got offered more for our house
11) Decided to move
12) began a new house hunt - saw 11 houses in one day
13) saw "Bed & Breakfast" house and 4 acre house again
14) fell in love with B&B
15) made an offer
16) signed a contract

Of course there are lots of moving parts in all of this and we are still doing inspections etc. but it really is unbelievable.
Working through so many emotions and firmly believing that we would be placed where God meant for us to be, is/was exhausting. We love this B&B for so many reasons. And once we are actually IN, I'll share all about it (plus pictures). I just didn't want to forget to process.

For now, I'm off to another adventure - potty training!

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