Monday, May 2, 2016

2nd Birthday Paw-ty.

This weekend, we celebrated with some of our favorite people.
We decided that we are going to try to avoid "character" parties as long as we can. 
So we thought about what she really likes: Puppies and Purple
So the Purple Puppy Paw-ty was created. 

Luckily, the weather cooperated and we were able to set up outside.
We asked Reyna who she would like to have come to the house to play with her and 
she requester her favorite friends by name. 
We had 10 kids, and 14 adults.

 We had Pup-eroni Pizza, Pawsta Salad, Kibble-n-bits (chex mix), Pup corn, Pawtato chips, 
Pupcakes, etc. served in these dollar store dog bowls.

My sister made this cute board like she did last year.
We pulled out all the toys we already had, including the Puppy pool.
 We had a bubble machine, soccer goal, a water table, a basketball hoop, a hula hoop

 My sister made this cute dog house, too!
 We had to have a pinata!

The last activity on their way out was a Puppy Adoption Station. 
They picked a puppy. Wrote his name on his dog tag, filled out a certificate of adoption, and took a crate to take him/her home. 
This went better than I thought it would.
It was so fun to see what names they chose.
We had a Ken, Shawn, and a Bubbles!

A Happy Birthday song.
 and so many sweet gifts from her friends.
She was one happy girl!
We are now in the "terrific twos".
(I'm choosing to be optimistic ;) )

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