Monday, February 29, 2016


This weekend was full of new adventures in parenting.
Lets just say that we conquered lots of newness.
Ill admit that most after school adventures are for mom's sake. Reyna loves doing them but she would be just fine going home and playing with her toys. So when I scheduled a spot at gymnastics at 8:30AM! this weekend, it was really all about her. And when she was invited to a birthday party at a BOUNCE place, it was her!

She was ready to go to "gym-astics" even though she had no idea what it was!
 We were the first ones there - on purpose. Its sort of like an open gym time so you can do anything you want. Because it was her first time, I wanted her to be able to try things at her own pace. Its a good thing I did because some of those kids are fast and bouncy and flippy!

She loved just falling onto the huge mats.
 There is a playground area with a ball pit. Another first. 
After watching Mommy play was to hard for too long ;) she fell in love!

 We even tried the trampoline! If I hold her hands, she will bounce as high as I can bounce her.
We also sat and bounced and she loved that! Otherwise, walking was sooo fun for her.
 of all the wonderful, fun, new things in there, this was her favorite. LOL.
 She loved balance beams (we have one at home). She tried all of them. At all heights.
 There is a foam pit with these "fluffy" blocks. I thought for sure she would not like it but I was wrong. She was practically jumping in the pit from 4 feet high!
When we were walking out the door she said "Thats fun"! 

The next day was party day. It was at a place called Jump 'n Place.
It has about 7 inflatables. Again, we showed up right on time so that we could navigate with some patience before the mobs of kids showed up. I was down right impressed! She wanted to try everything! She was not at all scared. 

This slide is about 12 feet high! She climbed all by herself!
 Here she is "bounding" up and down. there were obstacles and balls and lots of kids and she did great!
Here she is with some little friends. (insert heart eyes here)
 Also, she requested a braid. Oh my! That is what my dreams are made of. I had one in my hair so she wanted to be like Mama - and Elsa. LOL
She was so proud and wanted to show Papa (more on that later).
Later that evening, we went to a baby shower where there were about 6 other kids. 
One that she knows well. 
Through the entire weekend, I learned a lot about my daughter.

I learned:
- that I underestimate her physical ability
- she is very self confident in her physical ability
- she learns best by example (imagine me in those bounce houses)
- She takes verbal direction well, too
- verbal praise is her reward system (she often says 'yay, reyna' when she does something well)
- She is a social butterfly
- she has good social etiquette (gives hugs hi and bye, shakes hands, etc) without being told
- she is one well behaved kid!!

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