Friday, February 12, 2016

Love is in the Air. and on the walls.

Love it or hate it, !
Love is in the air

I am a celebrator. I love holidays and themes and traditions. 
Neil is not, so I hope Reyna will be a celebrator with me.
She doesn't quite "get" holidays yet, but we're learning. 

To celebrate Valentine's Day, I took her on a mural tour of Waco to snap a couple of pictures for her Papa.

This is a newer one in town and was so fitting after a couple of days of no sleep and a clash of wills.

("who me?")

 I asked her to make a silly face. Isn't it sooo cute!
I started the day with a trip to Barnes and Noble to play with the choo-choo. 
Then we read a few Valentine's themed books. 

And we ended at the park.
Also, this outfit was begging for pictures ;)

While we went around town, we talked about what we love and who loves us. 
These were some of her responses. 
She loves: Elmo, Mama, Papa, Family, Rexx, Lewie, popcorn, Olaf, park, birds, shoes
Who loves her: Jesus (and I stopped listening after that since I needed to concentrate on driving through tears)

Let me tell you, the girl feels loved. 
She knows love and can see it and feel it. 
So thank you to all who love her and show her what good love looks like.

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