Monday, March 31, 2014

DIY nursery mobile.

So I have seen a lot of mobiles for sale and they usually run at least $50 dollars. And of course the one I loved was on Etsy for $75!

I figured I could make one so I googled around for directions and used bits and pieces of a few tutorials. The materials I ended up using were:

1 embroidery hoop ($1.50)
4 scrapbook papers ($0.25 ea.)
fishing wire (already had it)

First, cut out the balloon shape 24 times. I used my silhouette machine but you could do it with scissors. Then fold each one in half.

Glue or tape the halves together. I used double sided tape but glue would work too.

After taping 6 pieces together it should look like this:

I made 6 balloons. For the basket, I did the same thing but with black circles.

I strung some fishing wire through. This is where I could have saved some grey hairs. If you put the wire in before you close the last part of each balloon, it would work best.

Put the string through the embroidery hoop and alter the height of each one until you find what you like!

The end. It took me about 2 hours but saved me about $50, so you decide.

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