Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March Madness - Baylor style.

Its no secret that we love sports and we love our Bears. But when they were chosen to play in San Antonio, how could we not go? We drove down on Thursday night for the 11:00 Friday game. My parents got to go with us and watch both games in session 1. 

 We played in the AT&T Center - home of the Spurs.

 We played well and made sooo many free throws. 
We won which meant we had another game on Sunday. Of course we got tickets asap.
 The student section - very high up..
 We played Creigton and really held control the whole game. 
We got to watch the best player in the country, McDermot, and his dad/coach.
 Another win set us up to play in Aneheim on Thursday night. 
This time we will be watching from to couch :)
 Baby Bear at another special game.
 We tend to think this was the last Horrah until Baby comes since we are only 5 weeks away - gotta stay close to home!

I should also mention that the girl's team is also in the Sweet 16! Good luck to all the Bears out there!

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