Saturday, February 23, 2013


I know I'm late but that's ok.
I turned 27. 27. That sounds old to me….I know its not, but 26 didn’t feel this way.
I spent my birthday in a nice hotel in Austin for a conference. It is the first birthday I have spent away from Neil in 6 years! Luckily, I made it and still managed to have some fun. My coworkers/friends took me out. We went to Pappadeux for appetizers, Thai House for dinner, and dessert at the hotel! I managed to avoid the embarrassing songs, too! 
Neil has this tradition of sending me clues all day about what my present is. See here for Last year’s clues for my iRobot.
This year there were a lot of clues:
1) James Bond
2) 21
3) -}carbon-{
4) dang dis nag is more
5) mrs. Ricardo is high
6) we’ll need it in 2069
Any guesses?? 
Its diamond earrings of course! 

Two things: 1) yes this is a very lavish gift for us and I didn’t believe it 2) I did guess correctly

1) James Bond – Diamonds are forever
2) 21 – forever 21
3) -}carbon-{ - carbon with pressure = diamonds
4) dang dis nag is more = unscrabble the words and its diamond earrings
5) mrs. Ricardo is high = never got this one but apparently Mrs. Ricardo is Lucy. High like in the sky. Lucy in the sky with diamonds = beatles song.
6) we’ll need it in 2069 = it will be our 60 year anniversary and the traditional gift is diamonds.

I came home and meet my sister and her fiance who drove up for the day to see me/Brittany Griner. I looked all over for my gift but he took it with him...womp womp.
We had great conversation with meg and mark and dinner at Heitmiller then witnessed a slaughter at the game. Sooo glad to see them!!! It was another great birthday with lots of love!

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  1. You two are so creative. It must be fun to see what is going to happen everyday !!!