Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Day I Met My Valentine.

Being a Pre-Med student and studying for the MCAT sucks up a lot of your time. Between going to class, working 30 hours a week, and studying, a trip to the library with gummy bears and a friend was a treat! Friend and I had “our” cubbies. It wasn’t official but let’s just say that people sitting there got up when they saw us coming….ya, we were that serious! Anyways, Friend and I did not live together and her friends were not mine. As we were studying for a genetics test, we were distracted by two of her neighbors. On their way out, they exchanged hellos and goodbyes and “I haven’t seen you in a while”s. Then the tall, handsome friend in a black SUBLIME shirt, twirling a pen between his fingers said, “stop by soon and bring your friend”.  I’m sure I blushed and I know I hid behind my cubby. But as they walked away I peeked out in time to see him turn back my way and give a little wink. **sigh**
He swears he doesn’t remember winking and surely he doesn’t remember what he was wearing, but I’ll never forget! 
If you know him, this does not sound like him AT ALLL!!! He is never that courageous or cheesy but it worked and the rest was history! 7 Valentine’s Days later and he still melts my heart! 
Happy Valentine’s Day, Bug.

great valentines quote on a DIY chalkboard

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