Thursday, April 26, 2012

Time for a Change.

So do you ever get the urge for change?
 I do. I like change. I like meeting new people, new schedules, new years, moving, changing jobs, going to a new gym, etc. etc. etc. 
Every now and then when things are going swimmingly I want to stir the pot a little. That is how I feel recently.
Should I paint a bedroom?
Should I get a new job?
Should I get a new hobby?
Na...I think a quick hair cut will do just fine!

At first I thought of coloring my hair jet black. I even bought the dye but I chickened out.
The bangs will stay at least till they grow out.
This change will do for now :)


  1. Love. Your. Hair. I have an idea for the next time you get the urge for something new.... lets try the moving one, up north ;)

  2. lol! I'll think about it. If you can assure me that I don't have to drive in the snow, I will consider it.