Sunday, April 1, 2012

An OK 5K.

The Community Play Day & 5K I planned for work was this weekend. The 5k was the main event and we had over 150 people sign up!! 100 was my goal so I can say it was a success. And while we planned on having Melissa Jones as our guest speaker she was not able to attend, HOWEVER...I had three special guests come out.

The 5k went off without a hitch. It seemed that  everyone enjoyed the route, the shirts, and the weather. Everyone got a free shirt, grocery shopping bag, fruit, and lots lots more! It was great to see families, kids, dogs and strollers on the route. Apparently, some 5ks have rules against that.

We also had other events:
Cooking Demonstrations
Three healthy recipes were demonstrated and available for taste testing.
 Bounce House
 Rock Climbing
 Zumba in the street!
Of course the road was blocked off but we had a GREAT instructor and a good turnout. 
Imagine walking by and seeing 20 people dancing in the street... :)
FREE bike rentals
The company brought out some bikes and people could borrow them to go riding on the nearby trails.

 Velcro Wall

carnival games, basketball, peddle cars, bungee run, and a good time. 
All events were free, and we thought it turned out really well.

It was a lot of work, and stress, and worry but in the end it turned out well.
We are planning for the next one in September!


  1. Wow, this all looked great!! Glad it was such a success. Now you can look forward to a little R &R this weekend.

  2. This looked so fun! Wish I lived near by and could participate... looks like something right up Luke and I's ally!