Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter in Ohio.

 This was a rare Easter for us. We got to spend our Easter in Chillicothe, Ohio. The Shanks family is from there and we got to spend our holiday in the open farmland with beautiful 60 degree weather. We got to be and meet family that I had not yet met. We had a wonderful brunch, lots of food, kiddos and puppies running around, bonfires, banana boats, easter baskets, and a beautiful memorial for Grandpa Shanks.

Egg Toss in action
The traditional family picture.
 The guys worked on Grandpa'a old tractor and got it working! I think its beautiful.
 Visiting with Grandma Shanks was a blessing that does not come nearly enough in our journeys.

 And I had to throw in this picture because I think he looks so handsome and I love that it is his grandpa's tractor.
Hope your Easter was as blessed as ours!!

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  1. What a fun Easter you all must have had and I know Grandma Shanks loved having you there to share it with her.