Monday, April 23, 2012

Another Great Day to be a Bear.

It was a beautiful weekend. The sun was shining enough to leave a little tan, the wind kept the flag flying, and the shade was comfortable enough to nap in. We planned a weekend of outdoor activities including a run together and a Baylor Baseball game. In case you are unaware, the baseball team was on a 22 game winning streak - almost unheard of! Well we were playing Texas A&M and not only wanted to win the series but keep up our winning streak. We headed to the stadium and were literally next in line when they told us it was sold out!!! That has never happened before. So, we snuck around the back and managed to snag this picture before heading out.

Lucky for us, it was a 3 day series so we made it in on Sunday although, there were still only bleacher seats.
This is a good problem to have, I suppose.
We had great seats and great weather.

And....another win!!! We swept the Aggies and extend the streak to 23!
It was another great day to be a Bear!

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