Sunday, June 5, 2011

Little Lewie

You met our new puppy Lewie here.
Some of you have asked how its going. Funny you should ask!

As far as everyday life, let's just say he keeps us on our toes. He has tons of energy and lots of love to give. So much so, that our "Big" dog Rexx does not like it. They get in each others way but Lewie sleeps in a kennel, he eats out of his own bowl, he knows "sit", and he is potty trained so as far as dogs go, I'd call that a success.

However, we know which of our sons is the "problem child".
Saturday early...7ish, Neil was watering the trees and Lewie was out with him as usual. Then something happened. We are still not sure what, but we are guessing he got hit by a car - or bit by a snake.

Neil called for the car and off we 7 in the morning ... to the emergency hospital. He was all bloody and way to calm. He was drifting off into sleep and there was blood in his eyes. It was not ok.

He stayed overnight in the hospital to be treated for head trauma, pressure on the brain, and shock.

He is back with us with a list of medication and he is slowly getting back to normal.
We are all happy to have him back! (even Rexx)

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