Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Angry Birds

Neil snapped these pictures. We had a nest growing on a front porch and the babies are finally here. So cute, right?

And it was all down hill from there.
Neil has been attacked by birds all day. The big birds were dive bombing at his head. He said there about 6 big birds! That is nightmarish! I have not tried to step foot out there.


  1. My husband knocked down our nest today...he was tired of being attacked and the MESS every where.
    I wanted to cry...

  2. This is very belated, but I just found your blog and had to comment -- if this is a new-to-you home, and you want to keep the birds, give them another year to get used to you... my in-laws (San Antonio) have a nest that looks identical to yours off their back deck - even with 10+ adults and 6+ kids, the parents are calm, because they know us. Go to home depot (or similar) and buy cheap, clear, by-the-foot carpet protector (the stuff with the teeth on the bottom that makes me think of old people ) and cut it to size where the poop mess is the worst - then, you can simply throw it in the grass and hose off the mess!
    Hope you're able to enjoy your (no longer angry) birds for many nestlings to come :)