Friday, June 24, 2011

I hope it works

"I hope it works"
That is the headline of my heart right now.

There is some crazy stuff going on around this house right now. Working during the summer when all by boys are at home is bad enough but worrying about them all day is the worst!

Calgel - I hope it works!
Yes, Neil got Poison Oak again. If it seems like this happens often... that's because it does!
I am not complaining. I feel horrible for him. He was working hard outside to help make life a bit easier. By now, we know the routine and we have washed sheets, scrubbed, and been to the clinic.
I hope it works.

Funny, but I HOPE IT WORKS!

Rexx gets really bad allergies this time of year and tends to chew off his hair until it is raw (TMI?) and bloody. It looks ugly but more than that, it is affecting our sleep. He wakes up all night crying, barking, and scratching. We took him to the vet and they put this thing on him and medicine and shots. He might look silly but he is still my sexy rexy!

He does not like it!

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