Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Unique Easter tutorial

This year we spent Easter with the San Antonio Family! Lots of hugs, food, and fun.
We spent time relaxing.

We made cascarones this year. These are "the best of".

If you have never made cascarones here is a quick tutorial.
1. buy eggs.
2. carefully crack only the tops of the eggs as shown above.
3. color eggs using dye kits found in stores.
4. cut out circles of tissue paper.
5. fill eggs with confetti......or glitter.....or FLOUR if your crazy like that!
6. glue tissue paper to eggs to cover the hole.
7. Celebrate by cracking eggs on the head of someone on Easter!

These can also be bought for less than $2.00 at the grocery store, but what fun would that be?

Hope your easter was a celebration, too!

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  1. You are educating me on some new customs! These look very interesting.