Thursday, April 14, 2011

happy 25th Birthday Neil!

We spent the afternoon celebrating the birthday of a great man!
He turned 25 today and we celebrated this afternoon.
We started with a pizza dinner then moved on to his birthday game.

The theme of this birthday was his love for BOOKS!
I set up a scavenger hunt game which relied on his memory of book quotes as well as riddles.
Here are a few of the riddles...try your hand at it.

(answer: music book)

(answer: Bible - this is our marriage verse)

(answer: DICTIONARY!)

That was just a few. There were about 20 clues in all. I am proud to say that I did stump him but it was all in fun.
They lead up to his birthday gift....

A Kindle! Doesn't he look happy?

For his birthday dinner, he chose pizza and finished with cake.
I made his favorite, angel food cake, which was an experience...and decorated it as the "lego guy" in memory of his childhood :)

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  1. What a great 25th birthday you had, Neil. Margo's gift for you was perfect. Then to top it off with an angel food Lego cake! How clever. Now you can march on to number 26.