Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bathroom reading

Trying to make every room in the house feel fresh and new for spring is exciting. The bathroom has gotten a mini makeover.
I added another quick art project that can serve as bathroom reading as well.

Here is the temporary set up. I chose this location for the viewing pleasure of the
Man of the House.

The upper print is an original print from Baja Whitethorn, a Native American artist that my dad collects. The lower one is my newest creation. Here is a close up.

It is simply a piece of paper printed and inserted into a frame. The frame was too big so I added a faux matte.

It is such a fun piece and since we visit this room EVERYDAY,
its the perfect place to get a little love in.
It was meant to serve as a constant yet ever changing love note to Neil, but as you can see, he got in on the action too. :)


  1. Yes, I agree with you Neil, Margo is SO creative. I wish she would do our home !!

  2. Aww I love the "I love you because" frame. Such a sweet idea!