Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Surprises

Spring keeps popping up and surprising us. The weather is wonderful but besides that, the wildlife is coming back out, the trees are coming back to life.

We planted trees back in October and Neil has done a great job of watering them and caring for them so we were hoping that they would survive. During this week we had a better view from our sofa than usual.

Our bradford pear trees bloomed. We knew that they would bloom white in the spring and red in the fall but we are just so excited that they are alive!!!

This is what it looks like. Bigger, similar trees in the area look like huge cotton balls - we can't wait for them to grow!

This is a close up of the bloom.
There was this bush on the side of our yard that we planned on cutting down because it seems to keep growing. Well, this afternoon I noticed another surprise....they bloomed too! The best part??? they required no care! That's my kind of plant :)

Spring is showing its face around here.


  1. This white flower is an iris. We have those here in Iowa in many different colors and varieties. This bed may spread and you can dig the bulbs up and replant them if you want to. However if you do that they might come up in a different color.

  2. I like your new springtime format for your web site. The runner turned out very nice and I like the new pear tree ! Also the colored picture of your house is great.