Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lost and not Found

I have this tendency to not buy ANYTHING until its on sale - i get this from my mom. For example, sometimes when I need to buy, say, 4 curtain panels, i buy one a pay period so that I can spread out the spending. Sometimes I put items on "watch". These are things that I have absolutely NO need for but really like. But these methods should be used with caution - they can cause a minor heartbreak.

For example.
I saw these stools at Target and they were regular priced $25 each.
I needed three - thats $75! That makes me feel guilty so I bought 1 and then went back the next week to buy another and then went back two weeks later to get the last one and there were NONE! Like zero in all the Targets from Dallas to San Antonio, in Iowa, and online! I called every single one. Apparently they went on clearance within two weeks and sold out. Now I am stuck with two, which I have grown to accept and I guess its better than just one. Lesson learned.

Then there were these curtains that I wanted - $25 each. (the red)

I needed know where this is going....long story short I have three hanging in my house and the fourth is not the same. I thought I was going to return all of them but luckily mom found one in San Antonio. She could not get in touch with me when she saw them and Funny thing is, this lady that taught me to buy small purchases bought me four curtains - just in case. Now I have 7! Lesson learned.

Recently, as in this afternoon, I was browsing through a store I have never bought anything from but love to window shop at- Anthropologie. I have had my eye on this (don't laugh) butter dish for a long time.

Apparently I missed the sale :( Now it is nowhere to be found...not ebay, etsy, or google. I will call around tomorrow.

I was going through IKEA and made it through the whole store without buying much but then I got to the clearance section and found a duvet cover for our master bedroom with ONE pillow cover. All for one $12!
I thought I would just pick up another pillow case next time since I was running out of time. Well, apparently you cannot buy pillow cases separately. You have to buy a 4 piece set that includes the duvet that I already have. This is not too much of a problem but is the principal of the matter.

All this is just the last year! Of course my sweet husband always says "you should have just bought them!" so next time, I guess I will.

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  1. I think this is a female trait, Margo. I have a tendency to think about something and then when I decide I really do want it and go back , it is gone. I have learned to say to myself," I guess I wasn't supposed to have it after all." At least you are able to keep looking.