Tuesday, March 8, 2011

College GameDay

This past Saturday we got up at 6:00 to be at College Game Day at 7:00AM!! It was the first time that Baylor has hosted College Game Day but boy did they pull out all the stops. There were free tshirts, free tacos, a poster pit(where you can make posters).

This was my date:

It was three hours of constant yelling and cheering but lots of fun so here is a recap.

ESPN analysts.

This is the poster Neil made. FYI-Barnes is the coach of the Longhorns.

Our players made an appearance coming down our aisle.
Bob Knight coaching our team - it did not end well.
It was a busy day but lots of fun for the Bears. Even the game was better than we expected.


  1. I watched the whole event but never could find you in the crowd. No wonder with that mask !!Glad you got to attend and had so much fun.

  2. Glad you got pictures, Margo. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Pretty scary looking date, though!