Monday, March 13, 2017


This sermon by Guest Preacher Dr. Atchison at our church last Sunday was very powerful.

As we celebrate Black History Month we welcomed his perspective on what might be considered legacy. He talked about carrying the bones of others with us through life. The bones of people who invest in our lives and yet, their names are not known.
I thought about those people in my life. Obviously my parents are the strongest voice but because I don't want them to be forgotten, here are a few people who have invested in my life.

Gloria Doubleday
This lady. I mostly hated her. LOL. She was a middle school teacher. She meddled and pushed too hard BUT she gave me big responsibilities at an early age and helped develop a high level of self confidence. She put me in leadership positions and expected a lot out of me. Therefore, I expected a lot of my self.

Frank Garcia
He was a basketball coach but taught me about life. He had a daughter around my age going through Cancer treatments and he walked that struggle with grace and strength. He gave me a heavenly perspective on sports and taught me that GINC - God is in Control. He helped me control my competitive nature.

Cindy McEwen
She served as a volunteer and coach in my elementary school. She demonstrated to me that assertiveness and kindness can live in harmony. She showed me what a strong woman looks like. She was well respected without using fear as a tactic.

Dwayne Britton
He was a family friend. He made me (and my sister) feel beautiful always. He had a passion for life and appreciated the frills. Every time he was around, he made the normal feel extraordinary!

Eva Doyle
She served/serves as mentor and friend. She taught me the value of second chances (both in her life and mine). She is encouraging in all her interactions - even the tough ones. She is considerate and aware of cultural difficulties and she uses her privilege for the greater good.

There are so many more - Mr. Pitzer, Niki Fullbright, Mrs. Hill....

What makes those listed above so much more special is that they are all part of a group that has been disenfranchised, forgotten, overlooked, or discriminated against. Of course, at the time I didn't realize it! I am grateful to have grown up in a diverse family/community where the minorities were the majority.

 I am glad to carry these bones with me.

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