Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Teams of Tomorrow.

 Reyna's school does a TOTs program. Its an educational basketball skills program.
In the classroom they learn about shapes and get some exercise. They have a few options to perform their skills. We chose the Men's Baylor Basketball game - obviously. ;)

The whole experience was daunting - for us.
She was a champ.
There were SO many kids crying at drop off. Kids confused and scared and rightly so. It was loud and chaotic! But she walked right in with a smile on her face.

Here are some things I learned about this kid:
- she is brave
- she likes being a leader
- she recognizes her strengths and weaknesses
- she is very obedient
- she tries hard
- she seems to have a stress resistant personality (like her momma!)
- she understands goal setting

She was so excited to perform for us. She did admit to me at dinner that she can't dribble very good. "it's hard". I told her (again) that "We can do HARD things in this family". So we talked about stopping and trying again. and practicing if she wants to get better and that when you practice, things that are hard get easier. She seemed to understand that trying is what matters.

When I dropped her off at her door, she turned and said "My best is the best for me, right Mama?"
Yes! It is, girl! Daniel Tiger talks about not comparing ourselves to others and that your best is just that - YOUR best. Obviously motherhood has made me more emotional 'cause I had to fight back tears on that one. lol What really surprised me is that she understood when the appropriate time to use that phrase was. That was not something we had talked about for a few days.

So she trotted out as the line leader and followed directions to a T!
Afterwards, she said "I CAN do hard things"!
(insert tears here)
She was very proud of herself and so were we.

We even got to see Bruiser and she was on cloud nine!


  1. Ahhhh this made ME cry!! So proud of her and love her so much!

    -aunt j

  2. So touched by this little one! She is incredible. Love her tenacity!!