Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Spring Break 2017.

Reyna and I shared a Spring Break.
We started the weekend with a trip to Iowa for a wedding.
Reyna stayed home with Nana and Popo where she went all over the place including Kiddie Park.  
We got to visit family and dance the night away.

We came back at Popo and I took her to the Safari Ranch.
She was fearless until we got to the ostriches. They were pretty aggressive!

 They had a petting zoo too.
 This is what her hands looked like after. LOL

The next day we took her to the aquarium.
They had a dinosaur exhibit with a sand pit.  
 Also, an outdoor aviary. She looks like shes 10 here.

The rest of the week we hung out in Waco with friends.
At gymnastics.
 We went to a movie and the candy store.

 And we celebrated a friends birthday party. We lovingly call her "baby sister".
 And she joined a band.
While it was low key, we kept busy and got to do lots of cool things for the first time.

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