Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Bye-Bye January.

Lots of little things going on in January.
I decided to "fix up the upstairs hallway. The light and the paint just make it feel nasty. I'm not done yet because it took me a week to figure out the right color and painting occurs on random nights I can't sleep sooo ... it might be awhile.

 We have been struggling with some medial issues (that she will not appreciate me telling the world about) so we had a difficult doctors appointment and treated ourselves with these!
 My maps are doing really well at the Craft Gallery and I was featured in their ad in a local magazine.

 January weather has been pretty great. Even on cold days (55 degrees) its sunny out and we play at the park with friends.
 This is globe! Its a touch lamp. she loves it. it broke. its in the shop.

 We got a fence! Its amazing and beautiful!
She reads to us constantly. Even in the middle of basketball games.
 "Little Flicker" is on repeat these days.
 Barnes & Noble is her happy place. She could literally be there for hours. Sometimes we let her.
Its like the library but better because there are snacks (starbucks) there.

 She transitioned into a big girl bed.
Its worked out great!
 Curious George goes to the zoo. She wanted him to see the Elephants.

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