Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Where is thumbkin?

Reyna has been a thumb sucker.
It's fine and hasn't bothered us much but the time has come to break the habit.
We asked around for a few recommendations and there are so many!
I decided that I did not want to do any paint or nail polish stuff if I could avoid it.
We talked to Reyna about it and helped her to become more aware of why she does that.
She recognized that its when she is sleepy. That's fine to us. So every time she puts it in her mouth we say something like, "oh, lets go to bed. you must be sleepy."
And she takes it out and says, "I'm good."
So to help her I suggested we use a band aid and she jumped at the idea.
Here she is showing off her little helper.

I was really asking to take pictures of her because of her cute outfit and cute mickey ears...

We were on our way out the door to church.
And when we got there, I had this overwhelming feeling of sweetness for her Papa.
I laughed as I remembered how much he wanted a boy....

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