Friday, October 28, 2016


We celebrate half birthdays around here and I'm so glad we do.
Yesterday our little pumpkin turned 2.5
we have made it a tradition to go to the pumpkin patch and eat a cupcake on her half birthdays and boy was she excited about it!
We started by visiting the pumpkin patch at Magnolia.
I don't know when this started, but her little grin melts my heart!
Kind of mischievous with a mix of cuteness.

We picked up cupcakes

 and headed home for a play date with her "little sister" Ellie.
Reminder to self: she has AMAZING big sister qualities!
Then we headed to her favorite place - the library.
Yes, this was a lot for one day but the books were due and it was her (half) birthday so....

She literally spends hours there. now, she looks at pictures and makes up her own stories. its adorable and entertaining.
We waited for Papa to get home and had dinner and our cupcake celebration!
She was totally into it and even requested that we sing to her AND requested candles!!
 no candles but she was happy to pretend!

at 2.5 five she is very mature and intelligent - loves Curious George and Paw Patrol - she is fully potty trained, even at night (though I'm not brave enough to let her) - she love pickles - she is kind - she likes feeding the dogs and helping me cook - she can ride her tricycle and scooter - she loves hiking - she gives the best hugs
three sounds too big and so far away so we will relish this stage!

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