Thursday, March 31, 2016

23 months.

This girl turned 23 months last week.
With all the hoopla of Easter, I'm late posting but we cannot forget her last month as a ONE YEAR OLD!

Things I want to remember about Reyna at 23 months:
she is very independent - she likes to wash dishes! - loves her big mickey mouse - likes to jump on the bed - has outgrown her favorite pj's but still squeezes into them - knows the museum by heart - knows all her colors, shapes, and alphabet - sings songs - makes funny faces - loves to paint - loves bubbles - wants to brush her teeth 5 times a day - like the color purple - likes the hula hoop - swings on the big girls swing.

She is talking up a storm in full sentences and vivid description and we LOVE it!

She is funny and she knows it. 

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