Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Afterschool Adventures.

Everyday after school, Reyna and I go on an "adventure".
This has become our normal and I like it on multiple levels. 
For one, when we are at home, I am most of her entertainment or she like to include me in it which I LOVE. But, when we are home from 2-7:30, that's a lot of time. Also, it allows her to use up energy. AND , she gets to hang out with play dates or make new friends. 
She seems to like the after school adventures which she usually gets the chance to decide. 

Most days, the options are:
-the park
- the museum
- the zoo
- the bookstore
- the pet store

Every now and then, something special comes up:
- a baseball game
- farmers market (tuesdays)
- toy store (target)
- baylor events

The most recent event on Baylor was Diadeloso - Day of the Bear.
There are no classes and instead, Baylor puts on activities and events for students to celebrate being a Baylor student. 
This year, this included: a rollerskating rink, camel rides, a sloth, zip lining, food trucks, free lunch, dance competitions, tug-o-war, and a kids zone. 

Thats where we were yesterday and the girl, loved it!

Eating ice cream. 
 In the jump house.
 a REAL plane.
 camel rides in the distance.
 More bouncing.

 Visiting the bears.

"Dia" 2016. It's good to be a bear.

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