Wednesday, November 18, 2015


We are walking through the mall and she found a friend. 
Unprompted, she took his hand and held on. We talked and she ate some goldfish all while holding on. She never let go and I didn't try to make her leave. I told her he's not real. She just smiled. I asked where his eyes are. She just shrugged her shoulders.

While looking at this picture later that night, I couldn't help but wonder why she held on so long. She KNEW it wasn't a real person. But he must have felt real to her. She must have felt good and safe holding hands. 
Also, maybe she was just pretending (that makes me happy).

 She finally let go with a little hesitation. He stayed within view for most of the rest of the time and she was sad to leave the store.

I've done that too, though. I hold on to stuff. Shoes that I don't wear because they are too nice. Diamonds I don't wear because I'm scared to lose them. People I put people on pedestals.  Fabric I love so much I cant decide on the 'perfect' project for. My phone. And whatever that thing is at the moment, I usually give a lot of myself to it - my time, my energy, my attention. To these idols. But you know what? Idols give NOTHING! They give absolutely nothing of them selves to begin with or in return. They feel like real happiness to me. I know they are not REAL. But they make me feel safe.

And when I want to let them go, it's hard. I am weary and saddened by their absence.
And while I think she was actually just pretending, I can't pretend that my life is free of idols.  

So here's to saying hello to letting go. 
Time to put my efforts into whats real - God, Family, and Fellowship.


  1. I love this! Also, this is about the cutest picture I have ever seen. Working on some idol clearance over here as well :)

  2. Eloquently put, humbling challenging.