Wednesday, November 4, 2015

October ends.

Two things happend recently. 
1. I have no room on my phone.
2. November came.

While cleaning out my phone, I came across a few pictures from this month that didnt make the FB/Instagram/Blog cut. I didn't want to erase them without thinking about them again. 

These are from the wedding earlier this month. I love these pictures because Reyna was SO excited to be wearing boots just like Tia and Mommy!

Also, the girl loves her Tia Mae!
This grin is really saying, "Ha Ha Ha Ha, Tia game me candy and there's nothing you can do about it."
We went to a family Halloween party.
The pineapple, Frida, a gnome, and the prettiest witch ever!

 She really is a cute gnome, though!
 A girl and her truck! She loves hanging out here, especially with her Papa.
 We had a photo session with an amazing friend. We forgot to bring out these props at the shoot so we had to wear them the rest of the night!

 She didnt want to take it off.
Well, November is here and that means things are gonna start moving a little faster. 
A student told me today that we only have 10 more days of classes!!! 
I feel like we just started!
November will consist of a craft show, football, Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping, school pictures, Doctor's appointments, and a whole lot more. 
Stay tuned.

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