Thursday, October 29, 2015

The perfect pumpkin.

We are loving the fall weather these days. 
After school, it stands around 75 degrees. Perfect for playing outside. We went to the pumpkin patch last year and she was to young to "get"it. this year, she was really excited. I told her she could pick 1 pumpkin to take home. 

She tried to carry a few but found out that they were "Hebby".

After about 5 minutes of scouting for the perfect pumpkin, she found one!
I kept showing her medium sized, round, blemish-free pumpkins. 
(perfect for carving)
I would say, "This one?"
She would say, "nope".
Finally, she spotted one. She stepped over and around two big pumpkins to get it. 
Isn't it a beaut?
She never let it go. 
I took her pumpkin so I could take a picture with the big pumpkins. 
She was not happy. 
This is the face she gave me for a long time after I gave it back :/

I love that she knew what she was looking for. 
I love that she didn't change her mind, even at my urging.

I guess I've gotta start believing that she knows what she likes.

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