Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Aunt J comes to play.

Reyna had Aunt J over for a play date this weekend.
The weather DID NOT cooperate but we sure made lots of memories.

We painted pumpkins in the backyard.

 Doesn't she look so proud?
 We played ball.
Ran races. This is her running pose. 
Read lots of books.

We went shopping. Visited Magnolia and SPICE. Ate at Cafe Cappuccino. 
Played with so many toys. Janel taught a yoga class for me and went to the game with Neil. 
The days went by too fast and we miss her already!
Thanks for coming to play Aunt J!

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  1. Miss you guys already! Such a fun weekend. Give Reyna a hug and a MWWAAHHH for me :)