Monday, September 28, 2015

Our Little Blue House.

We decided to repaint our house.
I thought the hardest part was choosing the color.
I was wrong. It takes a lot of time, manpower and patience to paint.
We had help all the way from Iowa! We used a spray gun and that was the fastest part. I went to work at 8:00am and by the time I got back at noon, it was done!
"All we need is the trim."
Well, that took 5-6 hours.
See that green part at the top? We wondered how we were gonna get up there... 
(I spy baby)
 This is how.
 Everyone worked on the trim. Luckily Baby went down for a decent nap and I was able to pitch in a tiny bit.
 When she was awake, she spent a lot of time supervising...
 The chimney was the hardest part.



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