Monday, September 21, 2015

Baking with Baby.

I always dreamed of baking with my kids.
 I imagined that Sunday nights would be dedicated to baking goodies for the week. I imagined that we would pick out a recipe and we'd be excited to try a new recipe. 
Well, I thought I would give it a go. She seems a little but young but her curiosity is so big!
 I set up a chair and we went at it. 

I opened the bags and let her pour it in. 
Then I measured out the water and let her pour it in. Etc..
She did not want to hold the mixer but laughed at seeing it spin. 
Then I let her put the liners in the pans. 
I showed her that I was 
going to fill them and let her point to the one she wanted filled. She was so cute, taking her time to pick one. 
This is her trying to decide which one to fill next. 

I would fill the one she picked and asked which was next. The process was much longer than would normally be but we were not rushed for time..
 Look how fun she thought this was. LOL.

 Then she got a lesson in patience. 
(The stove does not get hot outside and its locked, in case you were worried ;))

  This is how I feel too!
(she was whispering "cakes")
 We waited until they cooled and I iced them. 
Then....the sprinkles!
I put a few cupcakes in a bowl to catch the sprinkles and let her grab sprinkles and throw them on!

This picture makes it seem like it was nice and clean. 
It was not.
This is where it got a little out of control! 
Who doesn't get excited about sprinkles, though!

 Reaping the benefits of her hard work! 
And her first cupcake mustache!

 Overall, it was just as I imagined. 
We also practiced counting, colors, and of course, patience!
I hope she enjoys it as the years go by. I'll have to look for healthier recipes if this is gonna be a regular deal but this was literally a dream come true!

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