Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend.

With a long weekend, I wanted to something but with Neil holed up studying so hard, we really couldnt make it far. Reyna and I decided to take a random IKEA trip to fix up our toys!

We got there too early. It doesn't open until 10 so we got  her first all fruit and vegetable, no sugar added, smoothie. She liked it!
then we spent some time waiting around and playing at the outlets mall. 

 Look at that grin. She looks like her Papa.

We did our usual Sunday adventures.
Monday we headed out to the park pretty early to avoid the heat. 
This is a BIG playground and she managed just fine. She mastered the slide by herself and can climb up the stairs and rock wall.  We spent a good hour there and then headed to Magnolia Market for birthday goodies for Grandma ;)

 We napped hard that afternoon and I guess she wasn't done running.
Good form, girl!

We managed to stay busy and happy. We have so many projects coming up and lots of guests in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned!

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