Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pinafore Top.

More sewing happening in our house :)
After bedtime, when Neil works late, I settle down at the kitchen table surrounded by pretty fabrics and think about all the lovely things I can make. 
Then, I get overwhelmed.
Or hit "writers" block.
And I head to Pinterest. 

That is were I found THIS free pattern for a cute criss cross top. 
Apparently is called a Pinafore. Who knew? Not I.

I printed the pattern and found the cutest fabric, from Hobby Lobby.
 This one has books so I knew I wanted to use if for something that lay flat (not ruffled or pleated) so that you could see the fabric. It took half a yard of each fabric.

 Here is how it looks on my little model.
It looks great with her little leggins but how cute would it be with ruffled bloomers in the summer!
There is also lots of room to grow and can even be worn with a long sleeve under.
 This is my attempt to get a picture of the front on a little girl that cannot yet stand by herself. 
You get the idea.

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